Easter Menu

Traditional Family Dishes with an Herbaceous Twist

Small Bites

$19.95 per dozen

Carrots in a blanket with tarragon mustard

Prosciutto & pastry wrapped asparagus

Avocado stuffed deviled eggs with pickled radish

Zucchini latkes with avocado yogurt & cilantro

Main Courses

Raspberry & Mustard Ham

$60.00 – serves 10      $110.00 serves 20

Spring Vegetable quiche, bread crumb crust & baby kale slaw

$45.00 serves 8-10

Portabella Mushroom Wellington, grain mustard & lentil pate

$60.00 serves 6-8


$8.00 per person

Strawberry & roasted beet salad, goat cheese, white balsamic

Shaved zucchini salad, pickled red onion carrot stem pesto

Pea salad, shaved radish, herbs & feta


Spring vegetable risotto $11.95 per pound

Scalloped potatoes gratin with leeks & pork belly $12.95 per pound

Lemon & garlic string beans $10.95 per pound

Honey & garlic roasted carrots $10.95 per pound

Creamed pearl onions with scallion cream $10.95 per pound

Pretzel rolls $28.00 per dozen


$30.00 per

Strawberry Rhubarb pie with vanilla gelato

Blackberry cheesecake with shortbread cookie crumble crust

Pistachio cake with coconut butter cream

All orders in by March 26th

Contact Chef Genee Habansky at (203)581-0661 or email